Anthracite Fleece Backing for automotive leather

Fleece Backing


Fleece Backing For Leather

Our self-adhesive fleece backing is designed to prevent seat indentations and keep your leather looking its best for longer, even under the most strenuous conditions.

It  is used by OEM manufacturers to create soft to feel and to increase tensile strength to reduce bagging. It also eliminates the need to glue foam or wool backing for that soft touch. our 3m Self adhesive foam lets you do what the OEMs do without the expensive heat laminating machine or tools.

Benefits of fleece backing include:

  1. Shape retention: Say goodbye to seat indentations and distorted surfaces.
  2. Enhanced durability: Increase the lifespan of your upholstery.
  3. Superior comfort: Enjoy a more luxurious feel and increased support. 

Fleece Backing

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