The Alcantara Experts


Hydes Leather is proud to be the official North American distributor for Alcantara Automotive. We carry the complete line, and offer you the most extensive collection of Alcantara in the industry.

Used by virtually every luxury auto brand in Europe, Alcantara is the ultimate choice when you want style, elegance and functionality, whilst respecting ethics and the environment. Alcantara offers customized solutions and is 100% made in Italy. Look into a high performance street or track car and you are likely to find Alcantara inside. From seats and steering wheels for high grip, to dash to reduce glare, it has many applications.

We sell and stock the complete range of Panel, Cover, Multilayer, EXO, Soft and aviation Alcantara across our warehouses in North America and Europe, and host the most extensive range of Alcantara products in the industry.

Cuts are sold by the yard (54" x 36") and we can also sell by the full roll (55 yards).
Don't settle for second best when it comes to your Alcantara supplier, shop with Hydes today.

Types of Alcantara



Alcantara Panel (Pannel): Alcantara Panel is unbacked and unlined. It is the thinnest and most workable fabric in the range, used when lightness and a little stretch is required. Panel is typically used for vehicle headliners, doors, dashboards, and any of the lower-touch hard surfaces.


Alcantara CoverAlcantara Cover is backed with a laminated 65/35 Poly Cotton scrim. Sometimes referred to as "backed" Alcantara. Cover is primarily used for seats, where maximum strength and durability and minimum stretch are most needed.


Alcantara MultilayerAlcantara Multilayer is made with a soft lamination for added thickness, and is used almost exclusively for car steering wheels, as it can be stretched in one direction. We have see it used increasingly in car seats recently, with it added strength and one-way pull working well for our customers. Sold in pre-cut strips or by the yard.


Alcantara EXOThe EXO range of Alcantara is used for any and all outdoor projects, where it may see a lot of sunshine, rain, mud or whatever else you throw at it. Commonly used for upholstering boats, motorcycle seats, outdoor furniture and whatever else you can think of! An inserted, laminated middle layer provides additional water repellency, as well as additional UV protection and light fastness.


Alcantara Aviation (Avant): Alcantara Avant is our aviation brand of Alcantara, used for seating and whenever extra strength and minimal stretch is required. Cover has a laminated 45/55 Cotton scrim backing which adds strength, reduces stretch, and give stitching something more to hold onto. This range is treated for fire rating according to FAR 25.853 and we are able to provide burn certifications with all orders. 


Alcantara Soft: Alcantara SOFT consists of a layer of thin Alcantara Panel, which is backed by 3mm of soft foam backing. Typically used for headliners, where a little softness is required.