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First, it is important to understand that the final product depends largely on the quality of the crust. European hides are of far superior quality to crusts from other regions because of measures taken by farmers; using electric fencing to avoid scratches, less exposure to predators, etc. The environment is also a major factor as cooler climates mean fewer bug bites and thicker skins. Even crusts from the same region can vary in quality; we choose only the highest grade. Also, you’ll never receive hides with ‘hump’ holes. All of these measures result in a higher yield per hide. Less waste, better results

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In the tanning process we determine the rest of the specifications; basically looking at what job the leather needs to perform and how to best achieve the right balance to this effect. We speak of balance because, as in life, there is always a trade off. The most soft and supple leather is the least durable with the nicest touch; the most durable leathers have the toughest hand and are the least breathable. We have leather for many applications. If you don't find what you're looking for please ask us for help.

OEM Automotive Leather

If it's OEM Leather you need, we've got it. Current OEM Maserati Leather colours in stock. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and more!

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