Mercedes Nappa Full Grain Porcelain


Product SKU: HR-MER-1194
Leather Type: Mercedes Nappa Full Grain
Thickness: 1.2 mm
Average Hide Size: 55 Sq.ft.

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Mercedes Benz Nappa full grain hides are selected from the best cool climate European crusts available. Nappa Full Grain hides are the premier choice as the hide surface is in its unaltered original form without correction. It is then printed with the nappa pattern for an even, consistent, and very clean hide. Upholstering with Full Grain Nappa hides will give you a superior result.

Note: Full Grain leather by definition is a hide that has been left in its natural form. Full grain hides are not corrected, offering you the highest quality, most authentic hides on the market. The less a leather hide receives correction or manipulation, the better the quality. This means there may be small marks on the hides, including small natural creases, marks from scratches or bug bites, etc., which are intentionally not covered, hidden or repaired so that you can be sure what you’re working with. These isolated markings are hallmarks of full grain leather. They can be templated around or included in your work to show authenticity.

Only the highest quality hides are used for full grain.

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