Fleece Backing | Self-Adhesive | Firm White


Leather Type: Backing Material

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Our Firm White self-adhesive bonding fleece is soft and easily adapts to any upholstery. We recommend it for use on upholstery which sees high stress on larger cut pieces of leather. For lower stress areas, check out our anthracite self-adhesive bonding fleece.

Our self-adhesive fleece backing is designed to prevent seat indentations and keep your leather looking its best for longer, even under the most strenuous conditions. It  is used by OEM manufacturers to create soft to feel and to increase tensile strength to reduce bagging. It also eliminates the need to glue foam or wool backing for that soft touch. Our 3M self-adhesive foam lets you do what the OEMs do without the expensive heat laminating machine or tools.

Composition: 1/8" (2mm) foam, 1/8" (2mm) Fleece.

Sold in cut Yards x 60" width.

Backing Samples are limited to 1 (of each variety) per customer and are A4 in size.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the bulky nature of the fleece backing, orders are limited to 8yards per order. If you need more than 8 yards, please contact us for a custom shipping quote, or make 2 separate orders.