The Hydes Leather Homerun Award! SEMA 2023

This year at SEMA 2023 ‘The Hydes Homerun’ award is back!

Don’t miss your opportunity to win one of three accolades for ‘The Best Interior’, along with a whopping $2,500 in Hydes Leather dollars for each award.

We are offering awards for:

Best Custom Car
Best Custom Truck
Best Custom Import

Place your order with Hydes Leather this year for your 2023 SEMA cars for the opportunity to enter ‘The Hydes Homerun’ Awards for best interior.

To place your Hydes Leather order for SEMA 2023, visit our store or call 1-604-446-0379.

To submit your car, truck or import into the Hydes Home run award, please fill in the form below: