Old Timer Veg Tanned for Mercedes

Mercedes Benz Archive Leather

Our Concours - Old Timer leather is produced using the Mercedes Benz, and Roser tannery Archives from the 1950s and 60s. It is reproduced using the same techniques, raw materials, color names, and product codes as in the original production. When you are restoring your classic Mercedes, you can rely on our period correct dye matched Old Timer Vegetable tanned leather.

These leathers are produced in a small tannery using traditional techniques passed down for generations. 

Up until the 1960s and into the early 1970s, European luxury marques still used this leather type as it was perceived to be the most luxurious and exclusive. Vegetable tanned leather is expensive to produce, so eventually modern tanning and dying techniques won out in the name of quick production and profits.

Old Timer leather is full grain, which means that the original outer layer of the hide has been left unaltered, enabling you to see the natural markings and characteristics - one element which add to its appeal as an authentic period correct leather.

The Mimosa based dyes are applied by hand to create an appearance that is rich and deep. As the dyes are water based, the resulting variation in the opacity is caused by the way different areas of the leather absorb the dye. This is another element which gives our vegetable dyed leather its amazing old world authenticity. The look, feel, and smell of a Vegetable tanned and dyed leather is unmistakable.

When combined with our Basketweave embossing for Mercedes, the natural color is exposed in the punched areas, which gives the critical authenticity.

Vegetable based leathers will aquire a rich patina and character over time that cannot be produced using modern tanning methods. It's time to be timeless.

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Old Timer Veg Tanned for Mercedes