Porsche Nappa Full Grain

Porsche Nappa Full Grain


OEM Porsche Nappa Leather

One of our all time best sellers, not just for Porsche upgrades and restorations, but for providing some of the most versatile and tasteful colours on the market.

Our OEM Porsche Nappa full grain leather hides are selected from the best cool climate European crusts available. Nappa Full Grain hides are the premier choice as the hide surface is in its unaltered original form without correction.

It is then printed with the timeless Nappa pattern for an even, consistent, and very clean hide. Upholstering with Full Grain Nappa hides will give you a superior result.

Porsche Nappa leather is easy to clean, easy to maintain and provides upholsterers with a resilient, yet very workable material. Looking for a colour that we don't have in stock? Contact us for our custom colour matching services

Porsche Nappa Full Grain

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