Black Auto Leather

Black Auto Leather


Black Leather

From muscle cars to Maseratis, we have every type of black automotive leather imaginable. Whether you're looking for OEM, custom matching with your current interior, Alcantara, synthetic or a case lot deal on black leather, Hydes have it covered. Chat with one of our team to receive samples or advice for your next project.

We also stock a range of classic OEM leather, marine leather and Alcantara, aviation leather and Alcantara and synthetic black options.


Looking for pricing?

We are a wholesale supplier and only service customers in suitable industries in order to offer the best possible value.

If you are a trade customer, please register to be a Hydes Leather dealer.

If you are a retail customer looking to purchase one of our products, please ask your upholsterer or builder to register as a dealer, or contact us below for your best local Hydes dealer. 

Black Auto Leather

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