Corral / Glamour Catalog


Leather Type: Catalog - Corral / Glamour Buffalo Distressed

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Corral and Glamour are Italian leathers suitable for all makes and models.


Corral is a buffalo leather that is aniline dyed and then sanded to create a distressed soft surface. (12 colors)
  • Asian cattle
  • Chrome tanned
  • Aniline dyed
  • Manually sanded
  • Finished thickness 1.2-1.4mm
  • Avg. size 42 sq.ft.


Glamour is buffalo leather that has been printed with follicle grain, surface dyed 2-tone, and then buffed to create a polished shiny surface. (9 colors)
  • Asian cattle
  • Chrome tanned
  • Follicle print
  • 2 tone finish
  • Buffed finish
  • Finished thickness 0.9-1.1mm
  • Avg size 42 sq.ft.

This Catalog and products are available, but not included in our Master Catalog set.