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OEM Ferrari Leather

Ferrari’s exclusive color range of leather is heavily guarded, but we have it for you. Think of a Ferrari and the interior is almost always the look of their natural medium brown, called Cuoio. But don’t forget the other colors. Rosso is the second most popular color used in modern Ferraris. Whatever choice you make, you can’t go wrong. Think of the bragging rights to say your ride has OEM Ferrari leather inside.

Ferrari Nappa is produced using Full Grain hides from cold climate cattle. Ferrari's Nappa is vaccuum-dried to create a very tight grain on a strong leather without much flexion. The entire process from fleshing to the finished product is completed in house to control quality at all stages of production. The result is a very exclusive high quality leather. Would you expect anything less? 

* Other colors in Ferrari’s range are available. Please ask us for details.

OEM Ferrari Leather Styles